Make them feel the bite of your sword! Joined by special guest Sam Ingersoll, we take on Military Base, E1M9, the first secret level in DOOM (1993)! We talk level design, challenges, pentagrams, and platforming in the game! We speculate on demonic factions at war with one another! We talk about gibbing once more and interesting ways to take on demons with a chainsaw! We also talk about Team Fortress 2 and the racist robots currently infesting the game. And finally, we discuss John Romero & John Carmack, 2 of the creators of DOOM! And their tres chic hairstyles. All this AND MORE on a secretive episode of One Stage at a Time! intro music: “8-bit Eighties” by injury ( Twitter: @onestageatatime Andy Twitter: @primmtropolis Aaron Twitter: @aaronindatwits email: FB: insta: @onestageatatime