Your comrades bodies litter the floor and you’re tearing through hordes of imps and demons!

Joined by Sam Ingersoll once again, we take on E1:M4, Command Control, in DOOM (1993)! We discuss this interesting level and the man who designed it, Tom Hall, a man ahead of his time!

We learn the secrets and discuss new items found within the level, such as the hazmat suit! We are confused then in love with how DOOM teaches us how to play without teaching us!

We also wonder what in the hell happened with streaming and Doctor Disrespect a few weeks ago. Andy suggests that if you’re not playing on at least “Hurt Me Plenty,” then you have no business playing DOOM.

And, finally! Uh…is that a swastika?

All this AND MORE in this reich-eous episode of One Stage at a Time!

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